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Not only for your Website

Aerial photos/videos taken by Video-Drone

I am delighted to offer you from 2014 my new service in the area of professional aerial photos for your promotional and image films. With a high-tech video-drone I can take pictures with a maximal precision, from the different perspectives and the most ‘impossible’ locations.

A video-drone can be used in many different ways thanks to it’s light weight and a flying altitude of  300 metres and the result can either be a high-resolution photo or video with the best HD quality (up to 2.7K with 30FPS and 4K with 15FPS). This kind of photography is new and is suitable for property-presentation, events, sport and action.

Fields of application

A video-drone can be used in a variety of ways, thanks to it’s light weight and a flying altitude of 300 metres. It’s price used to be in the 5 digit area but now thanks to new drone-technologies and cameras becoming lighter and lighter, the prices have dropped. Professional aerial photos aren’t a matter of money anymore.

Designs for leaflets, brochures, websites, promotion, marketing, exhibitions and presentations. Clearly arranged photos of companies, halls, terrains, leisure parks, golf courts etc.

Communes and communities:
Tourism, Public relations work, buildings, events, photos of the communities, construction progress ( Soccer field, streets and so on)

Estate agents and property sellers:
Optimized presentation for an exposé, display and Internet

Outdoor shot of hotels and restaurants

Optimized pictures for proud landlords, construction progress

Events and group photos:
Concerts, exhibitions, weddings, impressions of the events from the air

Journalists and Newspapers:
Aerial photos arouse interest in the readers

Documentation of defects