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Good that you found me!

Professional webdesign for your company

Webdesign4Pros – Agency for webdesign, computer programming, elaboration of virtual 360° tours and aerial photography/videography.

Welcome. Please let me introduce myself. My name is Gregor Hartmaier, I am a passionate webdesigner. Due to my long-time experience I am able to implement your projects in the area of webdesign and computer programming in a professional way, on schedule and to the current standards. It is my pleasure to supervise your Internet presence after the elaboration whenever required. Furthermore I offer support after the normal store hours.

The exemplary way to a successful website

Everything starts with the appropriate planning!

If the planning doesn’t work correctly from the beginning, this can cost you time, money and lose potential clients.

planungSome of the questions I will ask you in our preliminary talk will be:

  • Who is your target audience?
  • What kind of information do you want to transmit?
  • What kind of features do you want your website to have (e.g. shop-systems)?
  • Do you already have text and picture material?
  • How often should/must the website be updated?
  • What languages do the visitors of your website speak?
  • What kind of equipment do your visitors use? (Computer, Tablet, Smart-Phone)?

These are some of the questions you will need to have thought about before we meet for the first time. The more precise your goals the easier it will be for us to reach them.

responsive web designNot only the planning but also the design of your website is a decisive factor for your success!

Design in general is always a matter of taste. Basically I always comply 100% with the existing image of my clients, implementing the latest technology and current web standards. In general the rules for webdesign are different to the rules for the design of print media. The person visiting your website should find the information he or she is looking for without difficulties and the decisive factors for your success are a graphical layout, a navigation that it easily accessible and a logical structure of the content.

The variety of the different display units with the diverse monitor resolution represent a special challenge. Webdesign should be flexible. Your website should look equally good on your Smart Phone, Tablet or Desktop Computer and be handled as easily.

Static or Content Management System (CMS)?

templateAfter having decided on the design, it will be converted into a suitable appearance for the Internet. This can either lead to a static version of your website or I can use a so-called CMS-Content Management System which will enable you to update the existing contents in a very simple way or add new content independently without relying on my help.

I have been working with WordPress, probably the most popular CMS in the world, for over 5 years now, this is why I can create every kind of webdesign as complicated as it might look like and every function required. WordPress enables you to manage your content all by yourself without influencing the basic design of your website. Even extensive websites can be created with WordPress and it is by far the most reliable CMS on the world.

If you already have a static website or a finished layout from a designer that you want to be converted into WordPress – I am your man!

SEO – A big word!

seoA website optimized for search engines is an important step towards a successful Internet presence. What use is the most beautiful design and latest technology if people can’t find it in the search engines?

I personally take the view that your website should be optimally prepared for the visits of search engines from the beginning and that’s why I pay attention to Search-robot’s preferences and rules right from the first moment. Modern search-engines work quite simply, if you provide good content, your website will be found. If you want to continue working to improve your position in the search-engines or have your success represented statistically or graphically, I can advise you further.

Facebook, YouTube. Twitter & co.

socialmediaNowadays you can see those little pictures from Facebook, YouTube. Twitter & co on every modern website, this has it’s reasons. Social-media platforms are, if correctly used, an incredibly potent tool to win and maintain customers and to spread your news and offers.

With my experience I can support you with the design of your social media presence. The different platforms offer different, in some cases very limited options for designing, others have a wider range.

The connection of your existing social media accounts with your website is always part of your webproject, just like the further advice or creating your new social media account.

My last Clients

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