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What can I do for you?

For each project the right solution


Webdesign/Design for WordPress

I create the design for your website, the navigation elements, choose fonts, colours and backgrounds…until together we achieve the ideal result.

On the basis of the design template I create either a static website or optionally a theme for WordPress CMS.


Preparation/Update of the content

Displaying pictures that are too big or improperly formatted can reduce the velocity of your website significantly. I edit and optimize your image files for an optimal image size with maximal quality and help you to update your texts, products, properties etc.


If the normal range of functions of WordPress is not enough for you, I would find and install for you from a range of  free and commercial plugins the right one and adapt the design and functionality in a way that will make it fit into your website seamlessly. Even challenging E-Commerce websites can be created with WordPress…and also multilingual.

Sometimes it’s easier and faster for me to program an extension for WordPress. Thanks to the open source code of WordPress I can create almost every function, which means that I would adapt your website to your personal necessities.


Custom Programming

WordPress is a multifaceted tool to design almost every purpose and functionality. But sometimes there are situations in which WordPress won’t help you to reach your aim or situations in which a different solution would be wiser.

For instance as regards car rentals, I use a program that I developed myself and that adapts 100% to my customer and his/her requirements. If by chance we don’t get to the aim with a standard solution I can also respond to your special web-needs by elaborating a personalized solution for you.

social-mediaSocial Media Design & Integration

A personal design for your Facebook page? I create skins, themes, images for all kinds of social media platforms so that your corporate identity can be preserved in social networks as well and so that you really stand out.

Share your web-content with the social net. I install social media buttons on your website so that your visitors can share your contents with their friends and open up your page to a wider audience.


SEO – Search Engine Optimization

I will do a few tests on your page, and if available, study your Google-Analytics data to learn how your visitors search for you, how they navigate through your website and identify where your page needs further optimization. I find out which keywords you should use in your texts and headlines, which would enable you to be found by your potential customers. If you use WordPress, I will install an excellent plugin and optimize your page for an optimal performance in the search engines.

domain-hostingDomain & Hosting

In the usual case, I advise my customers to register their domain at a big domain-registrar so they don’t have to depend on me in the future. I would gladly help you to choose your domain-name and register.

The selection of the webhosting matching your website depends first of all on the number of visitors you expect and the amount of data your visitors will presumably request. If I create a website for you, I can offer you the matching hosting under good conditions and with a reliable server.

Further Services

Images say more than 1000 words

I offer not only the planning, design and creation of your website but also services in the area of photography.

I take pictures of your property, holiday resort or hotel with my professional photographic equipment and edit the photos with the High-End-Mac using Photoshop – if necessary. If you want to leave a special impression I can offer you even more:


Virtual 360° Panoramic Tour

Virtual, interactive 360° tours made of panoramic photos are the ideal way to present premises or landscapes. It offers an all-around view in a scenery that can not be presented the same way by conventional techniques as photography or video. The special strength lies in the interactivity. It doesn’t matter if you want to present your villa, hotel or apartments, your office block or shopping centre, a golf club or restaurant, one thing is for sure; your visitors will be thrilled!

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Aerial Photo with the Video-Drone

I am delighted to offer you from 2014 my new service in the area of professional aerial photos for your promotional and image films. With a high-tech video-drone I can take pictures with maximal precision, from the different perspectives and the most ‘impossible’ locations.

A video-drone can be used in many different ways thanks to it’s light weight and a flying altitude of 300 metres and the result can either be a high-resolution photo or video with the best HD quality.

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